Take notes in class, sketch out the next great idea, write personal notes in your password protected notebook, or simply highlight some text in a PDF. SmartNote makes it easy to do just about anything you would normally do on paper on the iPad.



Arrange your notes into custom notebooks, searchable by tags or content, with 28 high quality covers and 16 included paper types, or import your own custom paper types wirelessly. Open a PDF as a notebook or add a PDF to an existing notebook. String multiple PDFs together and freely mix included paper types with PDF pages. Copy and paste pages in your notes. Rearrange pages within your notebooks or PDFs.

Palm Ignoring

Never let resting you palm onscreen get in the way of taking notes. SmartNote's palm ignore area lets you rest you palm on-screen without worrying about the direction you are working from. 


Export entire notebooks as PDFs and open them in other applications. Email single pages as images from within your notebook. Upload images, PDFs, and entire notebooks to you personal Dropbox account or Evernote. Sync files to and from your computer through iTunes and Dropbox. Save pages to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Evernote.

Page Tools

Insert widgets on a page from an extensive catalog of 150+. Place photos from the application directory, the clip board, or from the iPad's photo app. Place several different kinds of text fields that auto-expand to fit the content. Full undo/redo for any drawings on the page. Move previously placed widgets or drawing around on page, and even resize the drawings.


Just about everything within SmartNote is customizable. Include your own images for homescreen wallpapers or paper types, chose from two different toolbars, place the tool bar at the top or the bottom of the page, set custom header colors, or define the palm ignore area size. Fully control the text and pen color, size, and alpha. SmartNote can be customized to fit your taste. 

Intuitive Technology

Place a pin containing notes directly on the page and tap it to view/edit them. Type anywhere on the page and move, rearrange, and resize content at any time.

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